A journey of self-discovery for the woman who desires to know herself, deeply.

If you’re anything like me,
you crave more out of life.


The ‘more’ you crave is a greater sense of awareness, deeper connection to yourself and the world around you and expansive growth that propels you into the next-level.

Life is basically just a giant
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book.


If you’re not clear on your values, drivers, conditioning and patterns -- knowing which path to take can feel confusing AF.

The solution?


Knowing yourself deeply is the secret-sauce to claiming your power. You can make decisions, set boundaries and speak your truth because when you’re aware, you know what feels in alignment for you and what doesn’t.


Does this sound like you?

✦ You feel overwhelmed making decisions; you go round in circles because you’re scared of making the ‘wrong choice’

✦ You feel triggered seeing other women on social media who are confident, loud, charismatic or sexually liberated 

You’re a chronic people pleaser and you’ll abandon your needs at the drop of a hat if it means avoiding conflict or pleasing your boss/partner/friend/parents etc

✦ You’re afraid of speaking your truth, expressing your needs or setting boundaries in case you are rejected or it leads to conflict

✦ You feel stuck, unfulfilled or even irritated with your current circumstances, but you don’t know WHAT needs changing so you just stay where you are

✦ Beyond your job title, relationship status and your star sign, you have no idea who the f*ck you are. You cringe when someone says, “so, tell me about yourself?”

I’m a girlfriend, dog mum, Leo Sun, Projector in human design and a mindset and empowerment coach.

I’ve quit a reputable corporate job to pursue my dreams, I’ve ended stable relationships purely off intuition, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into my personal development, I’ve shifted into multiple versions of myself time and time again.

What I’ve learned is that everything from the big, life-altering decisions, right through to the smaller, seemingly insignificant choices (like what you should have for lunch), both come down to the same process.

Making a decision requires knowing yourself first.


After 2+ years of working with hundreds of women, I know one thing is for sure; most women barely know themselves.

I was one of those women.

I’ve been a chronic people pleaser, terrified of speaking up about my needs and boundaries.

I’d rather suffer in silence than make others feel uncomfortable, or worse, upset with me.

I’ve been addicted to the hustle and ‘busy’ felt safe. Spare time was foreign to me.

When I finally surrendered (after burning the f*ck out) and began choosing ease + flow over force + structure… I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Everything I knew about myself came from outside of myself. Nothing came from inside of myself.

This was a catalyst to go deeper with self-discovery.

The more I knew, the more I craved to know.

Every layer of myself that I pulled back, brought me closer to myself.

And the closer I got to knowing myself, the more magic began to unfold around me.

From deeper relationships to more aligned job opportunities.

Manifesting soul sisters to feeling more connected to myself.

I’m here to help you find more of that magic, too.

I feel I’ve healed a lot of my past fear of abandonment / rejection trauma that I didn’t even know was there.


I thought my body image would improve but not to the level that it has. I didn’t think I’d delve so deep into myself and my core to understand why I do or don’t want things and be able to analyse my thoughts as just thoughts.

It’s really hard to put into words the immense gratitude and appreciation I have for Jessie. I know this is a course that people pay for but I honestly felt like I had a guardian angel looking out for me. I didn’t feel like I was paying for modules and working through. I genuinely felt like Jessie was holding my hand every step of the way. I felt heard, listened to, held and pushed in the best way possible and I am so sad to be finishing up but I know I will take everything I’ve learnt with me into the next steps of my life. I am eternally grateful ❤️


— Kaitlyn

Imagine feeling like…

You have a deep understanding of who you are

You have clarity on your direction

Expressing yourself feels safe

You’re living a pleasure-filled life

It’s easy to set boundaries

You can attract any of your desires

Limiting beliefs don’t hold you back

Managing your triggers feels easy

You feel deeply connected to yourself and above all,

You are confident in who you are and what you bring to the world.

That's why I created...


A self-discovery program designed to help you get clarity around who you’ve been, who you are and who you wish to become.

Over 8 weeks, you’ll have access to trainings, worksheets and live coaching sessions, so you can not only learn, but actually integrate and action the lessons into real life.

The Discovery Code will leave you with a heightened sense-of intuition and a stronger skill-set in self awareness and emotional regulation. You will know what drives, challenges, triggers you and limits you.

This journey will shine light on your shadows. It will bring to the surface everything that you desire to let go of and fully step into the most aligned, powerful, embodied version of you.


It is not for women who:


✦ Just want to listen + learn, without taking action + integrating the lessons.

✦ Don’t see the value in this work and aren’t ready to invest in yourself.

✦ Aren’t ready to let go of old identities, beliefs and narratives (your ego will try to resist this work)

✦ Make excuses or play the victim. You need to be ready to take responsibility for your life.

✦ Aren’t willing to set aside time each week to commit to this work.

This program is for women who:


✦ Are ready to dive in deep, witness their patterns and face their ego head-on.

✦ Desire knowing themselves on a more intimate level.

✦ Are ready to let go of the BS narratives, beliefs and identities no longer serving them.

✦ Want to step into their power so they can feel safe speaking their truth and setting boundaries.

✦ Crave a deeper sense of confidence; the kind that radiates from inside you and makes you magnetic AF.

✦ Are ready to take radical responsibility for their lives and experience deep transformation.

Let’s take a look at the delicious details...

Module 1: CLARITY

Getting clear on who you think you are and who you think you are not.
- Recorded video learning module
- Workbook

Module 2: VALUES

Getting clear on who you think you are and who you think you are not.
- Recorded video learning module
- Workbook


Gaining awareness around what’s next + creating an action plan
- Recorded video learning module
- Workbook


A week of implementing your learnings + deepening your understanding
- Recorded video Q&A module
- Integration focused {no additional workbook}


Uncovering your limiting beliefs and understanding shadow work
- Recorded video learning module
- Workbook


Differentiating the ego and the higher self
- Recorded video learning module
- Workbook


Transcending triggers and projections into deep integrations
- Recorded video learning module
- Workbook

Module 8: MAGNETISM 

Harness your power and call in your desires
- Recorded video learning module
- Workbook

this program contains over $3,500 value!

(and you can join for the juiciest price ever!)


12 months access to all the modules and course materials so you can re-do the entire program at a slower pace!

If you’re feeling super called to this program and KNOW how much it will change your life, but you still have some resistance - it’s likely just further evidence that this program is for you.


I see this all the time with people. It can show up like this:


✦ Client says: “I want to work on self-belief. I have so much self-doubt and wish I had more confidence.”
Their resistance shows up as: “What if I uncover something too hard for me? What if I’m not ready? What if I fail?”

✦ Client says: “I’m ready to step into my power. I need to work on money mindset because I have a lack mentality. I want to trust in the Universe and become an energetic match for all of my desires.”
Their resistance shows up as: “omg, I can’t afford that! What if I don’t succeed and waste my money?”

✦ Client says: “I’m a chronic people pleaser. I’m always emotionally drained and do everything for everyone else and feel bad saying no. I’m terrified of what others think of me.”


Their resistance shows up as:  “What if I outgrow my partner/friends? What will people think of me doing this?”

See the irony?


Your resistance will sound like the exact voice you are looking to LET GO OF.
So then, it makes sense that when you feel that resistance, you don’t pull away… you lean in.


All the f*cking way in.

Because what good is your TIME, ENERGY OR MONEY, if you’re not inspired?

The truth is that self-discovery is scary.

Even when you know you’re destined for more, it can be daunting to do the work to get you there.

It can be challenging to open yourself up and to dive in… especially when what’s inside is unknown.

Sometimes you can open a can of worms and then want to panic-shove the worms back in (lol, seriously)

But deep in your heart you know that not looking at that stuff, going through life disconnected and uninspired isn’t worth it just because you don’t want to unpack some shit. You feel me?

When you do self-discovery work, you can feel vulnerable.


And while the word vulnerable can sound frightening… it is brave.

If you’re worried about the cost of investing, ask yourself “what’s the cost of NOT investing?”

So…. what are you waiting for babe


It changed my life & opened up the path to my personal development journey.


I really saw the value in investing in myself. It changed my mindset completely and taught me tools I will keep for life. I have so much more confidence now and also give less (zero) fucks about what people think of me! I am myself and Jessie showed me that using my voice is ok, I am never ever going to be "too much”, I am perfect the way I am but I’m also allowed to have goals and dreams. I can't thank Jessie enough honestly because you can't even put a $$ value on how I feel.

— Melissa