You know that there’s more.


There’s more to you. There’s more to s*x and intimacy.


You know that you’re not showing up fully expressed and that life gets to feel more delicious than this.


You’ve felt it before. That intense desire. The goddess within you that wants to be unleashed, fully seen in her most divine, sexual expression.


The inner goddess knows she’s saucy.
Her presence demands to be felt and owned all at once.
Yet, somewhere along the journey… she became lost.
And with her absence, went your desire for pleasure. 


Now… you’re ready to reignite that saucy b*tch.


Does this sound like you?

šŸ’‹ You rarely ever feel the desire for s*x (aka non-existent libido).

šŸ’‹ You lack body confidence and often don’t feel sexy, which makes it hard to
want to be sexual.

šŸ’‹ You find it really hard to express yourself in the bedroom - it feels like you should go with it and not ask for what you want! (hey people-pleaser, that u?)

šŸ’‹ You feel completely detached from pleasure and your sexual feminine energy and don’t know how to tap back in.

Hey, I’m Jessie.


I’m a girlfriend, dog mum, Leo Sun, Projector in human design and a health, mindset and biz coach (I do it all because it all feels f*cking delicious to me).


I’ll be your teacher in this delicious masterclass - giving you the permission slip you’re so f*cking ready for. The permission to be your most fully expressed self.

Imagine feeling...

šŸŒ¶ Confident AF in your body and owning the saucy minx you are.

šŸŒ¶ Understanding of the collective pain + desire points of the feminine and how they impact intimacy.

šŸŒ¶ Safe to express your needs and that you’re worthy of having those needs be met.

šŸŒ¶ Your desire for pleasure and intimacy is switched all the way ON.



This is EXACTLY why I am hosting

I want to show the modern bitch how she can be fully expressed, sexually empowered and connected to her divine feminine essence….


While just being human.


You do NOT need to:

āœØ Frolic around in boho dresses and jewellery 24/7.


āœØ Wear the most expensive lingerie.


āœØ Forever express all the ‘love and light’ energy.


 You CAN:

šŸŒ¶ Wear track pants, sneakers and oversized hoodies.

šŸŒ¶ Have a deep knowing that there is no right or true ‘aesthetic’.

šŸŒ¶ Integrate your darkness and unleash your cheeky inner minx.

You can be an absolute baddie and still be DEEPLY in your fullest, most sexual, divine feminine energy baby girrlllll.

Lemme show you how.


In this 90 minute masterclass I’ll be covering:

What is blocking your sexual energy. 

šŸŒ¶ The three core wounds stopping you from good s*x. 

šŸŒ¶ Understanding masculine and feminine desires + pain points.

šŸŒ¶ Creating polarity.

šŸŒ¶ Feminine embodiment.

šŸŒ¶ Reigniting your inner saucy minx.