So you know you want to help people and you can package together an awesome offer to sell… but actually selling it is a whole other ball game.


You’re ready to have the strategies in place to be able to launch like an absolute boss, but in a way that feels aligned, in integrity and easeful.


Does this sound like you?

😭 You hear crickets whenever you talk about your offer.

πŸ™ƒ Selling makes you feel awkward, sleazy and ‘salesy’.

😩 You have no idea wtf you’re doing when it comes to launching, you’re kinda just winging it by posting some pretty IG slides and hoping people buy.

πŸ˜” You have NO idea about how your energy and emotions influence your launch and people’s buying decisions.

πŸ₯Ί Launching feels disorganised and unpredictable. You have no idea whether you’re going to sell out or totally flop!

Hi, I’m Jessie

I’m a business coach for online coaches, healers and mentors. 

When I first began building my business - I was totally winging it.

I did what I call ‘post and hope’ - simply post some IG slides and HOPE someone would sign up.

I had zero knowledge around launch strategy, sales energetics or human purchasing decisions. Zilch.

To say I was lost would be an understatement.

Now… I am continually creating, launching and selling offers with ease.

I have had over 6-figure launches, sold-out programs, highly engaged group containers and flooded DM’s with people ready to buy.

And it all comes down to understanding the energetics and STRATEGY behind launching and sales.

And this is exactly what I’mma teach YOU!

Building a scalable business requires you to step into deeper levels of leadership and make powerful, intentional decisions every day.

It’s kinda hard to lead or make intentional decisions when you don’t know wtf you’re doing

When you are able to not only understand but build a healthy relationship with selling - sales become easy.

In fact, sales get to feel like the most delicious, playful and empowering part of your business.

Yep, seriously!

So if you’ve convinced yourself you’re ‘just bad at selling,’ you’re not.

You’re not ‘bad’, you’re uninformed. There’s a difference.

Having knowledge, direction and integration when it comes to strategy and energetics of launches is the secret sauce to get your DM’s blowing up with people ready to buy from you!


Imagine feeling…


πŸ₯΅ Your DM’s are blowing up with people ready to pay you.

✨ Selling your offer feels empowering, playful and easeful.

🐍 You have a potent strategy in place for launching your offer.

πŸ’¦ You feel confident af launching and talking about your offer.

πŸ’œ You have the emotional intelligence to hold yourself during the uncertainty of launches.

A potent 3 week course, teaching you powerful launch and sales strategies that’ll have you blowing up your biz with ease.



- 3 weeks

- Mid June start

- Live calls

- Pre-recorded training drops

- Worksheets + templates



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