A delicious masterclass on how to get unstuck, shift into alignment and manifest your deepest desires!



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  • 90 minute masterclass
  • journal prompt workbook


3 reasons why you might be feeling & staying stuck


3 ways you can get unstuck and gain momentum


The magic manifestation formula


Manifestation blocks + how to clear them

Hey goddess, I'm Jessie

I'm a women's health + mindset coach with a focus on combining science with spirituality.

I'll be your teacher for the Lack to Love masterclass, a live training on all things manifestation and alignment.


This masterclass is for two types of women...

Person A:

You have dabbled a little bit in the world of manifestation. 
Maybe you've created a vision board, write down your affirmations or even do some journalling. But you still feel like things aren't moving for you or that you're not harnessing the FULL power of manifestation. You want to get super clear on what manifestation IS and how to truly make your dreams a reality.

Person B:
Whether you've never even heard of the term 'manifestation' or you feel like you're a manifestation pro - the reality right now is that you feel indecisive, anxious, overwhelmed and stuck. You feel like you're out of alignment and in lack, but you're ready to shift powerfully into abundance and have a life filled with LOVE.


★ The three things keeping you stuck
- How too many open loops create overwhelm
- Why you're afraid to step forward/receive
- Making the 'wrong' vs 'right' choices comes down to self trust
★ Three things that can help you get unstuck
- Closing open loops to gain clarity
- Taking aligned action to encourage momentum
- Learning to listen to your intuition and trust yourself
★ Manifestation education
- What is it?
- How does it work (the science)
- The Laws of the Universe
- The secret formula to manifest your desires
★ What can block your manifestations
- Missing the steps of the formula
- Not clearing your sub-conscious limiting beliefs
★ Introduction to my new program
★ Juicy Q+A


★ A 15 page workbook full of juicy journal prompts to support you with integrating after the masterclass. Put pen to paper and gain the clarity + momentum you need to manifest your desires.


This is a 90 minute masterclass, created to help you go from a state of lack, to a vibration of love.

This is perfect for the woman who:
- Feels stagnant in life
- Wants to learn the basics of manifestation (the what + the how).
- Is having difficulty manifesting (i.e. you feel like it's not working for you)
- Desires to get unstuck and create a more abundant & aligned life.