This course is for the baddies ready to build deeper levels of confidence and self trust than they ever knew imaginable. It will teach you how to integrate delusion in order to achieve illogical growth in life AND business.

Are you ready to say bye-bye to playing small and step into some boss b*itch baddie sh*t.. Then what are you waiting for ⬇️


Does this sound like you?

😭 Know your playing small but are afraid to take up space or be seen as 'too much'

🙃 Feel like you're being held back by the opinions of others

😩 Lack confidence in the way you leading your life and your business

😔 Desire to activate your bigness but feel awkward being the centre of attention or owning your worth!

As children, we are constantly told what we can and should do, who we should and shouldn't be.

➡️ Be quiet, you're too loud
➡️ Stop talking so much
➡️ Be a good girl!

We are conditioned to play small and avoid stepping into our bigness. 


You deserve to be every inch of the confident, powerful, borderline obnoxious baddie you are!

Have dreams so MFKN big that people think you're being... well, DELUSIONAL 💅🏼

It's time to transcend your delusion into a superpower that leads you to experience illogical growth and gives you permission to fully f*cking send it in business and life.


Imagine feeling…


❤️‍🔥 embodied in power and confidence

🍒 free to take up space and play in main character energy 

⚡️ convicted in who you are and what's possibly for you

🌸 like you can play with your fullest potential 

 A potent course teaching you the Art of Delusion - to fully f*cking send it in life and business.  


- 3 modules (plus a bonus Q+A module)

   - Workbooks and journal prompts

-Lifetime access to re-watch the teachings