Becoming deeply and powerfully aligned is so much more than simply jotting down intentions, burning some sage and doing a quick minute meditation.

True alignment requires radical responsibility, deep vulnerability, conscious action and above all, self-honesty.

When it comes to alignment 
I don't play in the energy of,
Toxic positivity
Love and light BS
Playing small
Doing, doing, doing without the energetics
All the energetics with no structure


Deep self-discovery work, playfulness with a sprinkle of sass and
delicious quantum leaps... now that's the kinda energy
I'm here to fuck with.


Deliciously Aligned is a 90 minute masterclass diving into all things energy, alignment and abundance - without the fluff

I’ll be dropping some serious truth bombs on WHY sometimes it’s so much easier to stay stuck in the old rather than re-building the new, even when we say claim to desire it so badly.
hint* it’s not you bby - it’s the human psych ;) 

You’ll come out of this with powerful insights that you integrate in order to create positive shifts within your life.


Hey Cutie,  I’m Jessie

 I’m a Leo Sun, Pisces moon, 1/3 projector in human design, dog mum, coach, ultimate bad bish and your host for Deliciously Aligned.

 My goal is to deliver deep work in a way that is not only powerful, easy to understand and actionable…
but actually feels FUN and PLAYFUL 

cause who wants to continue doing self-development work if it’s serious all the time ami righttttt?

Deliciously Aligned is for the woman who...

šŸ’«  Finds herself stuck in situations that don't serve her but is afraid to end them (e.g. jobs, relationship)

šŸ’« Knows there's more available for her and desires a life beyond average

šŸ’«  Is invested in her growth and is ready to harness the potency of her power

šŸ’«  Wants to become an energetic match for abundance and alllllll of her deepest desires

šŸ’« Has done the surface level work but feels like something is missing


This is EXACTLY why I am hosting

I want to show women that they can have a life that feels wildly fulfilling and overflowing with abundance.

In this 90 minute masterclass I’ll be covering:

šŸ† what alignment truly is and how to know you're in it

šŸ† the signs you being led by higher self vs living in resistance 

šŸ† understanding our unconscious desire for safety vs our conscious desire for growth

šŸ† the biggest alignment cock-blockers (we actually go deep AF here)

šŸ† becoming an energetic match for abundance 

and sooo much more!

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