Imagine your DM’s are flooded with hundreds of soul-mate clients asking how they can pay you.
It’d be a dream, right?

But it’s not an unrealistic dream, truly.

We think something like this is reserved for ‘special’ entrepreneurs or that that kind of success is ‘rare.’

But babe… what if it’s actually SO much more common than you think?

Is a potent program, giving you loadsssss of the best codes to nailing your socials, messaging and branding so you can become a MAGNETIC AF coach - without burning the fuck out. 


Is a potent program, giving you loadsssss of the best codes to nailing your socials, messaging and branding so you can become a MAGNETIC AF coach - without burning the fuck out. 









Do any of these sound like you?

~ You get loads of DMs from people saying they love what you do or are inspired by your content, but they don’t want to buy / invest in you.

~ You look at other coaches and think “they’re so much more successful/powerful/magnetic” than me. I can’t be like that...

~ Coming up with new content ideas leaves you overwhelmed. You struggle showing up online because you have no idea WTF to post!

~ Your posting strategy is basically just to ‘post and hope’ (i.e. post stuff and hope someone buys) - you have zero strategy behind what you post.

~ You feel completely confused by your brand and how to position yourself online (i.e. professional/authority vs vulnerable/authentic) 

~ You find yourself sharing other people's content more than your own. You feel like they said it better than you could have, anyway.

~ It feels like your audience are super disengaged. You put in so much effort only to get crickets, so you think "what's even the point?"


 Hey bad bish,  I’m Jessie

I’m a Leo Sun, Pisces moon, 1/3 projector in human design, dog mum, biz coach, ultimate bad bish and your host for Content Codes.

I’ve gone from having no predictability in my biz, feeling so awkward talking about my offers, having stressful launches and working 40 hours weeks… to building a successful multiple 6-figure business, working roughly 15-20 hours a week, feeling FULLY in my power talking about my offers and having a base revenue that I can guarantee every.single.month!

In this potent short course, Imma show you all the things which helped me take my IG audience from saying “you’re so inspiring” to “take my money bitch!”

I know sometimes social media can feel like such a drainer. Other times, it can feel kinda fun… but then you worry that no one wants to see what it is you wanna share (like your adorable doggos or that awesome new thing you just bought).

The truth is, words are POWERFUL and we have the ability to create more effective, powerful content that shifts the way your audience feels about us.

Imagine feeling like…

~ You don’t need to ‘sell’ yourself or be scared to share your prices

~ Clients are magnetized to you and can’t wait to pay you

~ You have a perfect social media strategy that combines masculine structure and feminine flow 

~ You can position yourself as an authority AND be yourself 


Here’s the juice baby...

3 potent live trainings, 3 juicy workbooks and bonus content drops.


  • Uncover your niche
  • Understand pain points vs desire points 
  • Ethical marketing
  • Transparent selling 


  • Uncovering your personal & brand identity
  • Anchor into tonality, values, expertise
  • Know your key messaging 


  • Building community
  • Establishing authority
  • Create copy and content that converts!

Does this often go through your mind when posting...

~ "Ugh, I can’t post that story, it’s too salesy"

~ "I don’t want to keep talking about my offers… I feel like it’s annoying and people will unfollow me"

~ "ahhh I thought everyone would love that post... why hasn’t it got any interaction?"

~ "I am so exhausted but I NEEEED to post today..."

I see you babe.

I’ve felt all of these.

I used to worry about everything I was posting and whether it was too much or not enough. I overthought EVERYTHING and that lead me to either:

- stay stuck in crippling fear of doing the wrong thing or
- anxiously throw everything at the wall hoping something would stick.

Lemme tell you… it gets to be delicious and easy.

And hint … it’s less about strategy and more about energy bby (but don't get it twisted, strategy plays a part too ;)) 

If you’re ready to invest in a potent AF program and quantum leap your biz…

You know what to do.



through investing you agree to the following:

This course is non-refundable, and if you are using a payment plan you are obligated to pay as agreed, on the dates agreed and in full. 

This course is Jessie's intellectual property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell the content of this course in ANY way shape, without JESSIE WILLIAM's written permission.