You don’t want a mediocre relationship. You want depth. Intimacy. Connection. Intention. You desire to feel so f*cking seen and heard by your partner, yet you’re also kind of terrified to be fully seen at the same time… 


You know your heart is longing for more - that deep sense of closeness and belonging. Yet you’re not unsure what exactly that looks like for you, let alone how to ask for it.


Being able to communicate in a way that brings you closer to your love, not pushes you further a part - feels expansive AF.

The mere thought of your curating a relationship that is dripping wet with desire, safety and intimacy, basically has your p*ssy tingling.

Yes bitch, you’re in the right place. 



Does this sound like you?

You ‘know’ your partner loves you, yet you struggle to feel loved.

πŸ’‹  In arguments you find yourself feeling frantic and anxious your partner will leave you… or shutting down and needing to get away. 

πŸ’‹  It can be hard for you to express your needs with your partner because you’re afraid that if you’re honest, you’ll appear weak / clingy / crazy / needy / sensitive and so forth. 

πŸ’‹  You feel like you tell your partner to stop doing sh*t all the time, but they just don’t get it and you end up resenting them.


Hey, I’m Jessie.

I’m a girlfriend, dog mum, Leo Sun, Projector in human design and a health, mindset and biz coach (I do it all because it all feels f*cking delicious to me).

I have always been in safe relationships and they have all been easy. But over time, I learned that they were easy because I never had a voice. I never spoke up. I never expressed my needs (god forbid they realise I have any). 

I literally held pride in the fact that I was a “good girl” and would never cause men a headache. When I wasn’t in a relationship, I felt shame around my sexuality. I believed that pleasure was more for men than it was for women.

I was alwaysssss the ‘laid back’ girl. The one who played it cool and didn’t have emotions. That way I couldn’t be condemned as “a crazy b*tch.” (hello collective feminine wound).

Fast forward to today. My relationship today is still safe and still “easy” (a different sort of easy). Yet it gets to be this way AND I get to be seen, I get to feel heard, I get to express my concerns, I get to speak my truth, I get to set boundaries, I get to have needs and express my emotions. I get to be in a relationship AND be my fullest expression.



I see you, babe.

You don't want just ok.


You crave depth, desire, vulnerability and a relationship that allows you to show up in YOUR fullest expression.



Imagine feeling like…


✨ You can communicate from a place of clear intention and compassion (you don’t need to fly off the handle to finally feel heard)

✨ It’s safe to express your needs and that you’re worthy of having those needs be met

✨ Calm and regulated - no longer feeling anxious, fearing abandonment, avoiding or shutting down when it’s not smooth sailing. 

✨ Feeling closer to your partner than you ever knew was humanly possible.



This is EXACTLY why I created Conscious Connections - to guide you into a new way of doing relationships.

To show you how you can:

🀍  communicate clearly 

🀍  express your needs

🀍  set boundaries

🀍  build trust with your partner

🀍  feel safe to be fully seen

🀍  diffuse arguments

🀍  create deeeeeep AF connection

And so much more. 

See you on the inside you saucy minx.



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