So you wanna experience rapid growth, make delicious amounts of money, show up as a bold leader and be part of a sisterhood of like-minded, bad-ass women?

Well bby, you’re in the right place ;)

Because I fully see you.

Running an online business is a roller coaster – fun, self doubt, expansion, stagnation, creativity, insecurity… You name it, it’s alllllll of it.

We are heart-centred leaders whose focus is helping and serving our clients, yet we feel guilty charging our worth.

We start a business because WE want to lead and make the rules, yet we struggle to show up and execute when we don’t have anyone relying on us or holding us accountable.

We want to grow, expand and do fuck-off incredible things, yet we compare ourselves, don’t feel good enough and force ourselves back into a box.

We desire the freedom to work for ourselves and work from home, yet we hit huge creative blocks and lack motivation because we have no one to bounce ideas off and often feel lonely and isolated.

We want to put our skills to use, to serve and help people, but when clients are drying up and no one is buying we question why we do it at all.

We know deep down that we not only want but are MADE for something greater – yet block after block after block – we question whether it’s even worth it.


It is.

It so. Fucking. is.

You’ve got this knowing inside of you - that you are capable of so much more.

I know you feel it because it’s what landed you here.

You’re a heart-centred human, who’s main desire is to deeply serve and help others, while doing it your way.

You want to help people,

But you’re also driven AF for a life that is dripping wet with abundance and power.

You want SO much more, but you feel stuck. 

You lack the support, the like-minded individuals who just fucking get it as well as the know-how on getting from A to B.

That’s where I come in ;) 

A powerful mastermind for badass coaches, healers and mentors, ready for wild expansion and bold leadership.

We're playing in the energy of potent strategy, energetics and conscious action. 

If you desire a space that combines sisterhood, quantum leaps, self-leadership, radical responsibility... whilst keeping biz playful - Business Alchemy is for you.


Business Alchemy is a 5 month mastermind, for the women ready to grow their business and expand themselves.

If you want something potent AF, yet playful too… this container is for you.








Do any of these sound like you?

πŸ’Έ You sometimes feel lonely or misunderstood. You wish you had someone to bounce ideas off and talk about what’s coming up for you, without being dismissed or receiving poor advice. 

πŸ’Έ  You KNOW you want to grow your business and you can help people, but you're just not getting the amount of inquiries you’d like. You know this is your passion, but if you have no one to help, what's the point, right?

πŸ’Έ  Your mindset holds you back from doing things you KNOW you should do. Like setting boundaries, increasing your prices, showing up on socials, spending more time playing and resting. Deep down you don’t feel worthy, capable or deserving of them. 

πŸ’Έ  You struggle growing without burning out. Once you DO start getting momentum - it’s hard to sustain it. It feels hard and overwhelming to juggle clients, workload, content creation, admin and just all the fucking things!

πŸ’Έ  You feel like you’re going around in circles, frequently repeating yourself, pumping out content and you have no idea what’s even working or require to sustainably build your business.


Over 5 delicious months - you’ll get the tools and support to help you create an aligned and wildly successful online business.

Now..let’s talk juicy deets + inclusions!


Attend powerful trainings once a month where you’ll walk away with pieces you can begin integrating right away! These will be a mix of masculine (strategy) and feminine (energetics) lead teachings. These trainings will support you in learning more about business, systems, structure, leadership, sales, content and more!



We’ll come together once a month - with the only intention being to CONNECT and COACH. This means YOU get the opportunity to speak, ask questions and get hot-seat coaching from me, to support you with whatever is coming up for you in real time! These calls are powerful opportunities to connect with the women you are journeying with, as well as gaining inspiration and ideas from others!



You’ll have access to our team Slack, where you can ask any questions or get support with anything related to your business. Anything from sales pages, to launch strategy, to systems, emails – you name it. Having access to this space will allow you to get personlized feedback with whatever you’re working on or needing support with.



We’ll have a group Voxer which is where you can come in for any emotional processing. Being in business is so much more than knowing how to run a business, it’s about being able to navigate your own human experience WHILE also running a business. You’ll have a space to unpack anything that you’re emotionally processing and get support from myself along with being totally held by a powerful group of women who can totally see you!



You’ll also get 2 x 1:1 Zoom calls with me, where we spend an hour workshopping whatever it is you need. Whether these are more strategy based or emotional based - the session will be completely customized to you. You’ll walk away from these potent AF sessions having WAY more clarity and awareness of any blindspots!

Imagine feeling...

πŸ˜‰ Fully fucking seen, held and supported by like-minded women where you just go “wow, these are totally my people.” You get to be in the energy of boss women making boss moves, which excites you and reflects your own potential.

Like clients are rollllllling in with ease and every enquiry feels like a soul-mate client, who’s ready to buy and pay you well for what you do!

Free to make heart-lead and POWERFUL decisions like the true leader you are – setting boundaries, showing up on socials, charging your worth, taking time off work, it all feels easy and delicious.

As though you’ve nailed a balance between masculine structure and feminine flow in your biz. You can take fast action and move the needle, but you still have loads of room for fun, play, creativity and magic to find its way into your world.

Like you have total clarity and intentionality with every single action you take in your biz. It all has a purpose, you’re clear on what to do and you have systems in place to support you so you can stay organized and in your zone of genius! Ahhhhh *exhales just at the thought*.

Hey boss bish,  I’m Jessie

I’m a Leo Sun, Pisces moon, 1/3 projector in human design, dog mum, biz coach, ultimate bad bish and your mentor inside Business Alchemy.

I’ve gone from having no predictability in my biz (from revenue to clients - I never knew when the next sale was coming), feeling so awkward talking about my offers (felt like a total sleaze), having stressful launches and working 40 hours weeks… to building a successful multiple 6-figure business, working roughly 15-20 hours a week (often less), feeling FULLY in my power talking about my offers and having a base revenue that I can guarantee every.single.month!

What got me here has been a lot of trial and error along with personal experience, but above all, it was investing in my own mentors + surrounding myself with powerful, like-minded women who never let me play small.

All together, I’ve invested around $100,000 into my coaches and mentors. They’ve deeply supported me and time-collapsed my biz. 

While I probably would have ended up here without them, it probably would have taken me 10-15 years, instead of 2-3.

Inside Business Alchemy, you’ll not only be part of a powerful sisterhood of women, who want to see you win, and encourage you to show up as your fullest expression, but you’ll get access to years worth of my personal experience, education, expertise and wisdom.

Can you taste the fuck-off-delicious expansion already? ;)  

Babe, you’re going to build a business and grow regardless. You totally are.

But, y
ou GET to…
> do it faster (hey time-collapsing)

> have more direction and clarity

> be called out and have your blind spots revealed 

> invest in yourself to experience quantum leaps

> make life-long connections so you always feel seen, held and supported


Investing in this container is an investment in your deepest desires for your business and an investment in you, as the expander of that business.

Business Alchemy is a dreamy fit for…

🐍 Coaches, healers and mentors who already have a biz, but are ready to expand.

🐍 Women who desire deep levels of sisterhood, connection and support.

🐍 Those who have already done a base level of personal development work.

🐍 Self-lead humans who are ready to show up, learn, connect and take fast action!

🐍 Boss bishes who are craving a yummy blend of energetics and strategy (and know that they need to deeply integrate both!).

This container is NOT for...

🚩 Brand new coaches who don’t have a business yet and have no idea on what they want to do/create/launch/offer.

🚩 Those who are not open to receiving reflections and having blindspots revealed.

🚩 Those who have done zero personal development work.

🚩 Women who want to be “fixed” or want to put all the responsibility on the mastermind to get them results.

🚩 Coaches wanting ALL strategy or ALL energetics (without any structure or action).

What you should know…

The mastermind is NOT a super rigid, structured container where we are doing X, Y and then Z. That is, there's no magical formula, strategy or specific process that is going to make all your wildest dreams come true.

Everything we do together is intuitive and will move the needle forward for the GROUP and YOU collectively. This container will be a mix of strategy + energetics.

We are not doing comparison, codependency or outsourcing power. You are not broken or incapable. You are already whole. We are just here to expand that wholeness and take you to the next level.

If you are ready to accept radical responsibility for your results, are open and ready to self-lead and step powerfully into this next chapter of delicious business... well, this absofuckinglutely IS the space 4 you.


As spaces are extremely limited - Business Alchemy is by application only. This helps me ensure that where you are at and what you deeply desire for you and your delicious biz, is a perfect fit for the container.

If I feel you’re a good fit, you can expect to see my slidin on into your DM’s, where we can have a brief chat and move through to next steps.

I will be moving through applications fast, so be prepared to move fast.

Now, slide into the application bby and let’s meet!

I am ready to apply bby!

let's talk LOGISTICS

cause I totally support your desire to feel and know the juicy deets and have them laid out in front of you. So babe, this is watchu receive...

🧚🏼‍♂️ 1 x live group training per month

🧚🏼‍♂️ 1 x live group hot seat coaching per month

🧚🏼‍♂️ group Slack channel for biz support

🧚🏼‍♂️ group Voxer for emotional support

🧚🏼‍♂️ 2 x 1:1 sessions with Jessie to use throughout the 5 months

🧚🏼‍♂️  see the BTS of multiple businesses and the ways they  can be run (alllll the inspiration from other women)

🧚🏼‍♂️ Loads of templates, workbooks and resources to integrate into your biz (from offer creation, launch strategy, client trackers and more!) 

🧚🏼‍♂️ a client portal where you'll have access to ALL of the resources, replays of the calls and more.

Basically, you'll have everything and anything you could possibly need, to support your personal growth, expand your business and become a bold leader.

You are going to be my person for 5-fucking-months. I have the deepest intentions for every single woman inside this container. 

This is also why I've hired my own coach to support me - so I can continue to expand with you, too!

So babe, are you ready to say fuck-yes and go all in on creating delicious business growth?


through investing you agree to the following:

This Mastermind is non-refundable, and if you are using a payment plan you are obligated to pay as agreed, on the dates agreed and in full. 

This Mastermind is Jessie's intellectual property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell the content of this course in ANY way shape, without JESSIE WILLIAM's written permission.