Starting out as an online business owner, you wear a lot of hats.

Coach, copywriter, head of marketing, accountant, salesperson, content creator, administrative assistant, you get the point.

And when you’re doing it ALL without systems in place, let’s just say… shit can get messy.

When you don’t have anyone to soundboard ideas with, nor a process to streamline things, you get pulled out of your zone of genius and into overwhelm. 

All of your deliciously, sexy, inspired ideas… end up endless hopes and dreams *insert sound of violin playing*

I’m only kidding, sort of. πŸ˜‰

I just know that you’ve likely had so many wonderful, bright ideas full of potential for your business - but you’ve never actioned them because you ask yourself “is this even a good idea?” followed by “where the f*ck do I even start?!”

Well bby, the cycles over cause, cue… me. 

Your offer-creation-fairy-fucking-godmother.



Does this sound like you?


😭 You get highs of creative inspiration followed by lows of doubt and inaction.

πŸ™ƒ You know that you can help people but you struggle to get specific about how. Wrapping your expertise in a cute lil bow and selling it has you scratching your head. 

😩 Creating new offers takes so much time and energy. It feels like SUCH a huge commitment to build and create something to sell.

πŸ˜” Your product suite feels messy. You have no idea wtf you should be creating for your audience - masterclasses, masterminds, evergreen courses, group programs, scaling 1:1’s - it all feels overwhelming.

Hi, I’m Jessie.

Leo Sun, 1/ 3 projector, girlfriend, dog mum and badass biz coach.

From scaling one signature offer, to building out a product suite - I know a thing or two about creating deliciously in-demand offers.

In this potent course, I’m going to be teaching you the art of offer creation - from idea to execution! (the exact methods that have allowed me to scale my business to multiple 6-figures without burning out!)

Creating an aligned, sellable AF offer doesn’t need to take all your time, energy and money.

You don’t need a professional designer - you don’t need to overthink it (bye bye overwhelm) and you certainly don’t need to spend hours perfecting every little thing.

But until you actually nail the foundations of creating offers, you’ll continue to be left drained from the creation process, BEFORE you even launch! (I need a nap just thinking about it).

When you have systems and structures in place to support your creative process, creating offers gets to be easy and dare I say, fun ;)


Imagine feeling…


🐍 You have a powerful process to turn your inspired ideas into yummy offers!

🐍 Creating new offers for your clients or customers requires very little energy. You make decisions fast and act fast, so you can sell fast!

🐍 You feel totally embodied and empowered in what you sell. It’s the perfect blend of what YOU want to do with what your AUDIENCE needs.

🐍 Nailing the logistics is easy. You feel confident in building out a program or offer that won’t leave you exhausted from over delivering.

🐍 You’re an offer-creating FAIRY – making it deliciously easy to build out an entire product suite OR continue to refine your core offer so you can scale!

A group program giving you valuable trainings on HOW to actually create an offer that you not only love, but your clients want to buy!



- 7 modules

- Mixture of longer trainings and short potent trainings

- Worksheets + templates


You’ll walk away from this course with huge breakthroughs on how to streamline your offer creation process.

So you can continue to build new offers and scale your business, without taking energy away from your zone of genius (coaching!)




through investing you agree to the following:

This Course is non-refundable, and if you are using a payment plan you are obligated to pay as agreed, on the dates agreed and in full.

This Masterclass is Jessie's intellectual property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell the content of this course in ANY way shape, without JESSIE WILLIAM's written permission.