It’s easy in business to find yourself swinging between doing too much or doing nothing at all; burning out or lacking drive entirely. 

And if this is you… I see you. Cause that was me, too. 

It wasn’t until I really learned to harness the power of masculine + feminine energetics, that the game totally f*cking changed!


Can you relate to any of these?


🥺 You feel stuck in the ‘doing’, the hustling, the creating, the action. You feel on the brink of burnt out, yet you’re left in complete guilt when you’re resting instead of working on your business. You always feel like you should be doing something.

😳 You have all of these visions and ideas yet you’re completely frozen in inaction. You lack follow through and execution. You only do things when you ‘feel like it’ which leads to nothing ever getting done.

😭 Both of the above. You continually go from one extreme to the other…

Hey, I’m Jessie.

From face to face PT, to building a multiple 6-figure online business, I’ve had a lot of trial and error.

I’ve been frozen in inaction and

I’ve been burnt out, too.

Over-delivering and over-working, to lacking any momentum or structure.

A huge catalyst for my growth has been learning to integrate a healthy balance of both masculine and feminine energetics.

In this potent masterclass, I’m going to be taking you behind the scenes of my business journey - from face-to-face PT to multiple 6-figures in under 4 years and the biggest lessons along the way.

Running a business can ignite polarity and extremes.

There’s one part of you that really, really, really wants your business to do well. There’s a part of you with a fire in your belly, a fuck-off-amazing vision of where you could take things and the drive and energy to make it happen.


There's also this really human part – where you can’t hide behind the business because you ARE the business. And that part of you doesn’t always FEEL like it, is a little scared of failure, committing to things or god forbid, being SEEN.

These two opposing parts can lead us into unhealthy cycles of either doing too or nothing at all - never quite getting that taste of B A L A N C E.


Imagine feeling like…

😉 You have a deep understanding of masculine and feminine energetics, how they apply to business and how you can integrate them too.

😉 You have drive, energy, momentum and structure to your business. You know what needs to be done and it gets DONE baby!

😉 Running a business feels fun + playful. You have time in your schedule for walks, meditating, brunch dates, pilates class AND complete downtime.

😉 You have the codes and blueprint to make multiple 6-figures. You have peaked into BTS of how it gets to be done and you feel fully confident in your ability to do it too!

😉 You can earn loads of delicious money WITHOUT burning out. You get to LOVE your business and have it love you back!

A 90 minute masterclass on how I’ve built a successful, multi 6-figure business, through integrating masculine and feminine energetics.


Juicy deets:

: You can watch this potent masterclass as soon as you invest!

 What: 90 minute masterclass + a juicy integrative workbook!

Investment: $333


What we cover

🐍 My journey from f2f PT to where I am today

🐍 My biggest lessons in biz

🐍 What is Masculine vs feminine energy

🐍 How to integrate masc/fem energetics into biz

🐍 The art of combining energetics w/strategy for rapid biz growth.




through investing you agree to the following:

This Masterclass is non-refundable. 

This Masterclass is Jessie's intellectual property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell the content of this course in ANY way shape, without JESSIE WILLIAM's written permission.