I see you.

You desire to make a huge impact on the world and facilitate deep, juicy, transformative AF experiences for your clients.

You lead your business with your heart, which is your greatest strength, but it can also be your greatest weakness.

You’re afraid to step into your power, to honour your worth,

All because you don’t want to,
step on anyone’s toes
make people feel uncomfortable
be judged or criticised by others

repel people from your content
be seen as vain, greedy, self-absorbed

But you playing small is actually keeping your clients small, too.

It is your delicious, unapologetic expression which is the permission slip for the women in your energetic field to tap into theirs, too.

So, are you ready to truly harness your power as a coach and badass leader?


This is for the coach who

šŸ’‹ is feeling called into expansion within their business and coaching skills 

šŸ’‹ wants to create DEEP impact and facilitate long-lasting change for her clients

šŸ’‹ feels afraid to be truly seen and fully expressed online

šŸ’‹ wants to attract more aligned clients with ease 

šŸ’‹lacks boundaries with clients + social media 

šŸ’‹desires return clients they grow and expand with. 


Hey, I’m Jessie.

I’m a girlfriend, dog mum, Leo Sun, Projector in human design and a health, mindset and biz coach (I do it all because it all feels f*cking delicious to me).


I’ll be your teacher in this delicious masterclass - giving you the permission slip you’re so f*cking ready for... The permission to be your most fully expressed self and see yourself as the powerful, badass leader you are!

Imagine feeling...

šŸ’« Confident showing up online

šŸ’«  embodied in your worth and pricing

šŸ’«  grounded in your coaching and skills

šŸ’«  safe to own who you are rather than be a clone of every other coach

šŸ’« like a powerful and bold, leader within your business and the industry


This is EXACTLY why I am hosting

I want to show coaches that they can be powerful, fully expressed, bold, playful, themselves.... and still be deliciously successful. 

In this 90 minute masterclass I’ll be covering:

stepping boldly into leadership

šŸ† magnetising and retaining dream clients

šŸ† showing up fully expressed online

šŸ† healing the people pleaser wound and integrating boundaries

šŸ† becoming a powerful coach and facilitating DEEP change

šŸ† creating impact and standing 
out in the coaching industry